"3D-Printing goes School"

A Tutolino Project

The 3D-Printer to assemble yourself

The "3D-Printing goes School"-Printer:

Not just a printer, but a well-developed learning concept.

Safe, high performing and affordable!

Why 3D-Printing?

Additive manufacturing for in-home applications is becoming increasingly attractive and is, along with Smart Home and Industry 4.0, the biggest advance of the last decade.

Many companies are now converting their production to 3D printing or integrating additive manufacturing into their production processes. In the future, they will need well-trained specialists in this field.

Students’ interests begin forming in high school and shape the basis for their later career choices.

3D printing is one of the most innovative and promising technologies of the present and future.

The learning effect

Through the "3D-Printing goes school" project, students are taught a wide range of skills:

Technical understanding

Human-Machine communication

Linking of complex production processes

Advanced IT understanding

Enhanced creativity and spatial thinking

Production of real objects


Of course, safety is the first priority in this project. Therefore, the following extensions have been added for the purpose of operational safety.

Multi-layered filter system

Lockable building space

Overheating protection (Thermal Runaway)

Emergency switch

Power-on protection in case of power failure

External cable routing

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