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The only 3D printer in Europe that achieves the complete assembly experience with very good performance values and yet is available at a low cost for educational institutions only!

Included is the closed enclosure with the emergency stop switch, the lockable door, the control panel placed on the outside, the overheating protection and of course the filter system!

High performance.

If you work for an educational institution, would like to act as a sponsor or would like to support the project with printing hours, please register via our contact form:

Tested and approved for students!

School safe. After thorough testing, the completely assembled printer received the V3 seal in Berlin according to the regulations of the German Social Accident Insurance (DGVU). After successful assembly and a passed inspection, this seal can also be attached in the school and thus certifies the printer as safe for school use!


Download our project brochure and assembly instructions now - for free.



Find our free project brochure here:


Assembly instructions (26th of Oct. 2021)

The free assembly instructions for the printer and the enclosure are available for download here:


Druckdateien (7. Juni 2023)

The free files for 3D printing and manufacturing with the laser cutter and/or CNC mill are available for download here:

Additional information:

Download our project brochure and assembly instructions now - for free.

The 3D printing handout from the Quality and Support Agency - State Institute for Schools
of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia (QUA-LiS NRW) - Available in German

Download here

Additive manufacturing offers a multitude of different manufacturing processes, which are not always comprehensible to the user at first glance due to their complexity. - Available in German

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